Special Recognition for Hero Driver

By APC Overnight on 26th May 2016


APC Overnight delivery driver Gary Brewer from Parcel Express Overnight has been awarded special recognition after risking his life to rescue an elderly couple in December’s floods.

Gary, who continues to deliver for APC, risked life and limb when he waded through flood waters to save the couple, he found stranded on his route in Devon.

The Renault Clio the couple was travelling in was eventually engulfed by water.

Ambulance and fire rescue teams arrived at the scene, treating the couple on the spot and taking Gary to hospital to tend to arm lacerations suffered when smashing the window to save the couple.

Emergency services teams praised the actions of Gary and stated that if he hadn’t acted the couple “would have drowned.”

Presenting the award to Gary APC Overnight CEO, Jonathan Smith, said:

“Gary’s actions took bravery to a new level. As the result of his quick thinking he was able to save the lives of two people in distress and while no award can fully recognise the magnitude of this we’d like to present him with this special recognition as a mark of the deep respect he is held in by the whole of the APC Overnight network.”

Further details on Gary’s heroic actions can be found on The Plymouth Herald website http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/Delivery-driver-praised-risking-life-rescue/story-28441948-detail/story.html

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