The Power of a Local Connection

By on 6th July 2023

A four-time winner of The APC’s ‘Regional Depot of the Year’ award, Lines Distribution Services has been a member of The APC family for over 20 years. Based in Dumfries, Scotland, the depot forms an important part of the town’s fabric, employing between 30 to 35 staff and successfully serving its network of local customers.

First attracted by The APC’s unique structure and individual touch, the depot’s founder Malcolm Lines has continued building his partnership with the network as it has evolved and grown over the years - similarly to the depot.

Originally launching as a courier company in the late 1990s, Lines Distribution Services started as a one-man band, with Malcolm and his van. But the partnership with The APC started soon after, when Malcolm spotted The APC branding locally and contacted the team to find out more. The APC was in its infancy at this point, having only recently expanded into Scotland.

A national network with a sense of freedom

Malcolm was looking for a national delivery service for his regional customers and The APC’s unique proposition caught his attention. Working with The APC was attractive to Malcolm, allowing him the independence and element of freedom that he felt competitors do not always provide.

An overnight solution with nationwide connections was also advantageous for Lines Distribution Services and its customers, as the business was limited with the volumes and areas the team could deliver to alone. Working with The APC network allowed Malcolm the ability to expand the business and contribute further to the local economy.

Malcolm Lines, Founder of Lines Distribution Services, commented: “One of the things that gives me the greatest pleasure in the evolution of our partnership with The APC, is being able to grow and provide jobs for local people and do our bit as a good local employer. The region has benefitted as well - we are the only network that actually has a presence in Dumfries. So, the work we do is important and we truly have a local connection and understanding for our customers.”

He continued, “The APC has always recognised the importance of this local connection, given its structure. The way that the network works together is fantastic - I’ve always appreciated the close-knit feeling of how the depot owners and The APC team bond, and the ability to pick up the phone and speak to someone. A local presence and locally-made decisions makes for a strong combination. I would always recommend the local touch, if possible, because it works.”

Long-standing customers

The partnership with The APC has allowed Lines Distribution Services to provide an exceptional service for its customers, underlined by its roster of long-standing customers. One of which is Historic Newspapers, the world’s largest physical archive of old newspapers, stocking three million original newspapers. The business has been using Lines Distribution Services and The APC as its delivery partner, ever since relocating to Dumfries in 2003.

Recognising the significant contributions and outstanding achievements of the business in recent months, Lines Distribution Services was recently named “Depot of the Year” (Scotland & Ireland) for the fourth year running as part of The APC’s annual performance awards. The APC awarded Lines Distribution Services the title based on the business’ delivery performance and ability to demonstrate a proven track record of exceptional service for people and businesses in its local area.

Lines Distribution Services covers Dumfries & Galloway (DG) and Scottish Borders (TD) postcodes.

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