Corporate Social Responsibility

APC Overnight: sensitive to our social, environmental and economic impact

APC Overnight is committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner. Throughout all aspects of our business operations we will implement measures to understand and manage all core stakeholder relationships so that our business functions in a manner that is effective, efficient and ethical whilst seeking to enhance our social, environmental and economic impact. 

This statement outlines our commitment to customers, the environment, our employees and the communities within which we operate. 


Our customers are our priority.  Our customer relationships are based on the values of honesty and integrity.  We will not engage in unethical advertising, marketing and sales practices.  We will listen to customers to enable us to improve our service delivery. 

The Environment

We recognise that operating in the transport sector we have a significant part to play in reducing our negative impact on the environment.  We carefully plan and model our trunking schedules to achieve route optimisation, best use of our available resources and reduce our Co2 emissons.  We use modern aero dynamic fuel efficient vehicles that are regularly maintained and serviced.  We are supporting the Department of Transport by participating in a 10 year pilot scheme trialling extended length trailers. The test vehicles are independently monitored over the course of the programme to log carbon emissions and safety records.  We are committed to a waste recycling scheme, this includes shrink wrap, paper, cardboard, scrap metal and ink cartridges. All employees are trained and compliant in actively ensuring recyclable products are discarded appropriately.  Unusable wooden pallets are provided to a third party company for chipping and recycling.  Our premises are fitted with energy saving light bulbs and sensor lighting to minimise energy usage, in addition we use hand dryers as an environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels.

To view our Environmental Policy click here.

Our Employees 

Our business is only as good as our people and we strive to promote staff engagement across all company levels.  We ensure staff facilities are maintained to a high standard and offer more than adequate resources to all employees at every level of the business. We actively focus on talent management and are keen on providing career development and progression from within.  We encourage two way communication and have regular staff forums where staff  representatives have the opportunity to regularly meet with members of the Executive Team.  We ensure our employees are involved with company ventures including voting systems and feedback for fundraising and charity schemes.

To view The APC Gender Pay Gap Report 2019 click here.


We are committed to providing opportunities and support to the local and wider community.  All recruitment opportunities are made available to the local community by various methods of advertising.  Our official charity of the year, selected by our employees, is the Teenage Cancer Trust. Donations provided by fundraising and sponsorship are presented to local units of this charity.  Local schools were invited annually to participate in a competition when designing our recently built state of the art National Sortation Centre.  We participate with local schools in providing work experience opportunities, with a planned programme which ensures exposure to the world of work.

Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement for the Financial Year 2019 - 2020

This statement is made in accordance with Section 54, Part 6 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sets out the steps that The APC has taken to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in our supply chains or in any area of our business since the implementation of our first Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for 2015 - 2016.

Our business acknowledges that slavery and human trafficking are concealed, damaging and cruel practices that unfortunately are still present in global society.  This Company is alert to its responsibility for recognising and tackling this illegal practice and is committed to providing a workplace and building relationships with suppliers where dignity and respect is provided to all.

The APC is the UK’s largest independent delivery network with over 100 independent depots throughout the country and 2 sortation centres; our primary operating base is at the National Sortation Centre in Cannock, West Midlands.  The Company has business relationships and supply chains within the transport and warehousing sectors.

In conjunction with The APC Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement, the Company regularly reviews and amends its policies to ensure they reflect and integrate with our stance on slavery and human trafficking. The Company has comprehensive employment policies and procedures which include Equal Opportunities, Whistleblowing, Bribery, Recruitment and Bullying & Harassment which highlight our commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment which is free from illegal practices, harassment and exploitation.

The Company has auditing processes in place and we provide relevant training for our managers to improve awareness and highlight the principle risks related to modern day slavery and human trafficking within the business and our supply chain.

The Company has continued to ensure that it provides a positive and supportive working environment for its employees and workers and we continue to offer strong communication channels through; regular staff forums, health and safety forums and a dedicated HR help facility that our staff can utilise.  We have also strengthened the relationship with our warehouse staff, through our worker retention programme, which was implemented to enhance and encourage two-way communication between our people and the Company.  

The relationship with our temporary labour supplier is critical and over the past year the Company has put in place one dedicated provider to ensure greater transparency of processes. 

The Company is committed to the training and development of its people; we have implemented new staff training and development initiatives to encourage disclosure of harassment and bullying, and slavery and human trafficking is a standard component of our company training plan.

This statement was reviewed in March 2020.

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