APC Overnight: our products

Items less than 1kg.

  • APC Branded Plastic Pack (Fully Recyclable)
  • 37.5cm x 29.5cm - Can accommodate A4
  • Maximum weight 1kg
  • Excludes liquids.

Items less than 5kg.

  • APC Branded Plastic Pack (Fully Recyclable)
  • 54.5cm x 45.5cm - Can accommodate A3
  • Maximum weight 5kg
  • Excludes liquids.

Lightweight Parcel 
(must be boxed)

Items less than 5kg.

  • Single item
  • Maximum weight 5kg 
  • Less than 0.45m x 0.35m x 0.2m
  • Excludes liquids.

(ND1600 service -must be boxed)

Items less than 30kg.

  • Single or multi part consignments
  • Maximum weight 30kg per item
  • Maximum size 1.2m x 0.55m x 0.5m.


We do also offer services for larger parcels; additional charges will apply.  Please contact your local depot for further information.  

All goods are carried under APC Overnight Conditions of Carriage, a copy of which is available upon request and online. Parcel consignments that are unable to travel safely on a conveyor system because of size, shape or packaging are deemed non conveyable. All timed, specialist services and non conveyable items carry an additional charge - please ask for further details.  Volumetric rates apply.

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